Education in Germany

e2 - education abroad is your partner for high quality education and homestay programs in Germany.

Education in Germany
Situated in the very heart of Europe and with its highly competitive educational system, rich history, world-renowned culture and thriving economy, Germany is a great destination for exchange students from all over the world.
Germany is a leader in modern technology and science on the one hand and has a broad range of long-standing traditions on the other hand. It has cute little towns with half-timbered houses as well as pulsating cities with vivid cultural and sub-cultural life.
About us
e2 - education abroad is a youth exchange organization with its headquarter in Hamburg. It is our goal to provide high quality exchange programs to international students between the ages of 15 and 17.
e2 - education abroad gives students the opportunity to spend a year, a semester or a term of three month in Germany, living with a host family, enrolled at a local high school and to learn the most spoken language in the European Union: German. This challenging experience allows foreign exchange students to discover daily life and traditions in Germany, develop linguistic fluency and grow as a person.
Our German Host Families
Students coming to Germany with e2 - education abroad spend a great year in a host family who welcomes them as an additional family member. They profit from a very good preparation and mentoring program. All of our host families are carefully selected. Every family is visited and interviewed by e2 staff before and throughout the exchange year.
“I have learned a lot during my exchange year. About Germany, of course, but most of all about myself. I have become a lot more self-confident and have found out which things in life are important to me and which ones I can do without. Tolerance and mutual respect are not philosophical concepts to me anymore, but something I have lived. I would like to recommend becoming an exchange student to anyone. It gives you the opportunity to see the world through different eyes and find out who you want to be. Thank you for supporting me throughout my year.” 

Emma Reid (17) from Canada
Welcome to Germany! 
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